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February 2, 2016

Shadowhunters on Freeform-->Hit or Miss?

Have any of you been following along with Freeform's (AKA ABCFamily) take on Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series called Shadowhunters? I have and I am incredibly disappointed. It does no credit to the series AT ALL. I hate most of the actors, who BTW don't understand how their characters are supposed to behave, and I am angry with the show's writers for adding characters, making up or taking out scenes, and just plain out destroying the series' plot. JACE ISN'T EVEN JACE-LIKE! which is half the fun of those books anyways! Because I love Cassie Clare I will continue to watch the show so I can point out discrepancies and I pray the show gets better. Seriously though, am I the only one who thinks this way?

-Enjoy. . .or don't actually

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