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November 27, 2011

Breaking Dawn: Yay or Nay Beware Spoilers!

Hey Guys! Yesterday I went and saw Breaking Dawn Part 1 with my best friend and I have to say over all, I liked it. They did a descent job. However there were a few things that I didn't like, along with some things that I thought were so good!

-I felt like the movie was on fast forward. One minute they are getting married, then they are on a plane home. . I feel like they skipped a lot, like:
-The dream Bella has about the baby. They changed it to an insecure dream about Edward. She has never been insecure about Edward and her being together. maybe about whether or not she deserved him, but never if they were meant to be. at least I don't think so.
-I didn't like how they made Edward angry with Bella about her being pregnant. He was always supportive and never left her side. I did NOT like how they portrayed him. Also, He yelled at her! Not cool!!
-I didn't like how they skipped the first part of the book. Like the flashbacks and the car. Or the meadow, or her seeing the dress for the first time.
-I'm not really sure how I feel about Jacob's imprinting scene. I like how he explained what was happening, but I don't know, maybe they could have showed it better? I don't really know how they would, but it was ok.

-there were a lot of funny parts. I loved, loved, loved, loved the wedding, but I wish it were longer! I also loved the toasting. That was soooo funny! and I loved how Alice was yelling at everyone while they were setting up.
-I thought Bella's wedding dress, and shoes, and make up and hair, all of that was perfect! That's how I pictured her.
-I loved seeing Stephenie Meyer in the wedding. If I was her, I would want to see the most important and special part of my story coming to life. I would be like she was writing it all over again. I'm sure she pictured herself there while she sat at home in a world of her creation. And if she ever reads this, I want to say thank you to her. she has inspired thousands of people including me, and made a story we all love!
-I loved the music. I'm listening to the soundtrack as I type this and it makes me feel. . .I don't know, but the music is perfect with the movie and just as a collection of music. Summit did a great job!
-I liked how they showed the venom spreading through Bella. That was really creative and I think helped people who had never read the books realize what was happening.
-I think the actors did a way better job in this movie. Its about time!
-I loved how they made Bella look when she was pregnant. I loved that scene where Rose is helping her in the bathroom and you see Edward just broken looking at her broken body. The look on his face and on Bella's face...it was a great scene. My heart hurt for both of them.
-finally, I loved loved the scene where Edward hears the baby for the first time. !! So sweet!

Right now that's really all I can think of. I really did like it! If I was to critical, I'm not trying to be. I can't wait till the last part and I'm going to be sad when it's over. I can't wait to see what Stephenie is going to do after this. Hopefully we can expect something new from her. If you haven't seen it yet, GO SEE IT! Leave your comments below!