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Hi everyone! I am an aspiring author slash college student who loves to read which is probably obvious, and I love to share what I read with people, again, obvious. I think everyone has a book out there for them, its a matter of looking hard enough to find it and having a positive attitude about reading it. Anyways I hope you all find this blog helpful. Please feel free to comment and ask questions, that's why I do this! -Bookworm95

July 24, 2011

# 1 & 2 On My Reading List

So the first book on my summer reading list was Spells by Aprilynne Pike. Since I read them back to back, and on the same night I may add, I decided to combine their posts. The Wings series is an incredible series about a normal human girl who realizes that she has been sent on a journey and doesn't remember her previous life as a Faerie. She was placed in the care of two humans as an infant. Her job was to obtain the land that her former home resides on. Her task is sent spiraling out of control when she is attacked by trolls and refuses to leave her human life. She falls in love with a human boy named David not knowing that she was already in love with a Faerie boy named Tam. When she and Tam are reunited old sparks ignite. I finished reading spells and I immediately had to read the next installment, Illusions. This book is a mix of drama, love, action, and mystery. When a new faerie enters the picture, everyone has questions. It leaves of with a complete cliff hanger, and I can't wait for the next one to hit shelves.
Please read these if you like the love triangle, mixed with mystery, action, and a great story line. Mystical creatures are just an added bonus.

Back On Track

Hey Everyone! So I looked at my reading list and I was surprised to see that I wasn't that far behind on my list. Of course my goal of reading all those books by august is never going to happen. But since my schedule has clear up a bit, I'm currently trying to get back to that. I have also continued to write more on the High School Romance page. So check it out and stay updated.