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Hi everyone! I am an aspiring author slash college student who loves to read which is probably obvious, and I love to share what I read with people, again, obvious. I think everyone has a book out there for them, its a matter of looking hard enough to find it and having a positive attitude about reading it. Anyways I hope you all find this blog helpful. Please feel free to comment and ask questions, that's why I do this! -Bookworm95

February 6, 2012

Hey Everyone!

Hey everyone! There are a few books I have been wanting to share with you. I found these on B&N, like I do all my suggestions, and all of them have made it onto my list. Though, it might take me a while to get to them, saying as my list is currently 2 Microsoft documents long. They all look pretty cool though. Of course I wouldn't post anything that I didn't think was worth reading. As always, I love suggestions! So please feel free to write me a message and give me a heads up. I try to check my messages one a week or so:)

Also thank you all so much for leaving comments! I have a lot of fun writing back to you! Some of your comments make me stop and think about my previous opinion. Very thought provoking.

Thanks y'all for all the support! Have a great week, and look for some new suggestions soon :)